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We love helping people eat healthy and live better lives, so we created a program that gives you the opportunity to earn commissions by sharing our one-of-a-kind Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor training.

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How the Program Works

Step 1: Create Your Account

Create your HHC affiliate account and get extremely competitive affiliate revenue through a proven sales machine.

Step 2: Promote

Promote the Healthy Hands Cooking
instructor opportunity through any of your
social or blog channels. Don’t worry,
we provide marketing collateral,
a robust analytics dashboard and
best-in-class support.

Step 3: Cash In!

Attempt to find a way to spend the
bags of money you keep getting
each month in the mail. But really,
it’s that simple.

Making Money with HHC

or $149 on new instructor enrollments
We offer a two-tier commission structure. As an affiliate, you may also refer additional affiliates which earns you an additional 5% commission on all of their HHC sales.

Teaching Healthy Cooking to Kids & Families Nationwide

Our patent-pending process highlights the Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor Certification program, which teaches the principles of business start-up, food handling safety, class structure, marketing and more.

We have built an incredible library of class resources, refined our processes, built a custom software platform to handle unlimited users, and have helped instructors earn full time income while teaching part-time classes.

Using primarily organic traffic, we have turned our consumer-direct instructor prospect list into hundreds of passionate individuals (7.2% conversion) who together have taught more than 10,000 students in an HHC class, camp, or party in 2016 alone.

past conversion rate

HHC Brand Ambassadors

We are looking for a few select Brand Ambassadors with a proven following to share our opportunity helping others start their own career as a healthy certified cooking instructor.

Our Brand Ambassadors have 10,000+ followers and are committed to high quality, high integrity marketing principles. HHC Brand Ambassadors receive access to our private FB support group, extra marketing materials and videos, and a highlight with a back link on our HHC Brand Ambassadors page.

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