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Certification training plus membership using our proven blueprint for success will speed up and automate your business via professionally developed lesson plans, commercially approved recipes, registration portal, website, class management, coaching, instructor support, and more.

Sign up fee includes $8,997 one time certification training plus $1K first year annual membership fee.

We pride ourselves on offering personalized support and coaching to meet each new instructor's individual needs. We'll hand-hold you through each phase from business plan to execution to ensure the very best chance for quick and long term success.


Key Features
  • Instructor Community
  • Online class management
  • Payment portal
  • Instructor marketing website
  • HHC recipe library
  • HHC lesson plans
  • Use of HHC certification symbol
  • Access to instructor store
  • Tools
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$9,997 due at sign up + $1,000/year starting one year from sign up + 10% admin fee on gross monthly sales.

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Your participation with Healthy Hands Cooking gives you an opportunity to network with peers, get career support, download healthy recipes for all ages - plus gain access to class lesson plans, nutrition activities, and learn, bond, shop, and cook up a storm.

We have the best instructors in the world.

They are a beautiful group of dedicated, smart individuals building businesses for themselves.

I’m constantly inspired!

Jan Pinnington, Founder

Tracy Mohr

Michele Uriarte Matrai

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 7-day Money Back Guarantee to all new instructors.

What additional fees do I need to be aware of to start?

Background Check: $19.95 US. - Valid for 3 years
Food Handling Safety Course: $15 U.S. - Valid for 3 years
Instructor's Kit - (recommended): $195
Business license, business cards, flyers, etc.
General Liability Insurance - approx. $150/year
(Canadian Food Safety Course is approx. $96.00 plus tax with webcam proctored exam).
10% HHC Admin Fee on Instructor class revenue
States and Counties may require their own licenses and fees for starting a business.
Please check with your local county for specific pricing.

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