About Healthy Hands Cooking

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We work with a large variety of partners. The common thread is simple: facilities who want to promote healthy living to their communities.

  1. Elementary Schools
  2. Middle Schools
  3. High Schools
  4. Daycare/Preschool Facility
  5. Private Schools
  6. Recreation Centers
  7. Community Centers
  8. Senior Living Centers
  9. Libraries
  10. Churches
  11. Fitness Centers
  12. Zoos
  13. Museums
  14. Arts and Crafts Stores
  15. Painting Studios
  16. Health Stores
  17. Grocery Stores
  18. Pediatric Offices
  19. Insurance Offices
  20. Hospitals
  21. Farmer’s Markets
  22. College Dorms
  23. Culinary Arts Studios
  24. Wellness Centers
  25. Girl/Boy Scouts offices
  26. Neighborhood Clubhouses
  27. Karate Studios
  28. Dance Studios
  29. Gymnastics Clubs
  30. Tennis facilities
  31. Golf facilities

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During this free video webinar, you’ll discover exactly how to partner with Healthy Hands Cooking as one of our Community Partners.

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Email us at support@healthyhandscooking.com.