Great tasting cooking classes for ages 2 to senior adult

Butterbean's Cafe

Butterbean's Cafe

HHC 8-Hour Core Program

Learn all the basics in one place ages 5-13.
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HHC - A Taste of HHC

Theme-based classes for ages 5 - 13.
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HHC Birthday Parties

Cook up some fun! For ages 5-13
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HHC Adult Classes

Healthy and Great Tasting for Teens and Adults
Adult Classes

HHC College Cooking

Say NO to the "Freshman 15" for Teens and Young Adults
High School and College Cooking

HHC Cooking for Badges

Helping troops earn badges and patches. Ages 5-13
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HHC Healthy Lunches

Tired of the same old boring lunch? For Ages 5 - 13
Check out our Bento style lunch classes inspired from around the world

HHC Kids Cooking Camp

Summer has never been more tasty! Ages 5-13
Healthy Hands Cooking Camp

HHC Legacy Chefs

Where the "Young" and "Young-at-Heart" gather together. Ages: Senior Adults
Learn about Legacy Chefs

HHC Preschool classes

Plant the seeds of healthy cooking. Ages 2-6
Having Fun with Foods!

HHC Virtual Classes
Teach your students in a fun, safe, and interactive way.
Teach from your home or facility.

Ready to adopt healthier habits and learn some exciting life skills?

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