Business Questions

Are there geographic protected territories?

No. We cannot offer protected geographic territories because we are not a franchise model. We are a licensing model which gives our licensees a lot more flexibility in how they run and charge for their classes.

Can I offer my own classes?

You are licensed to use Healthy Hands Cooking curriculum in your program and classes. You can list other events on your provided website such as fundraisers, open houses, events, etc.

Do I get my own website?

Yes - you get your own customized registration website with your active license.

Do I need special permits or licenses?

Regulations can be different from county to county, state to state, and province to province. You are advised to contact your local business license office and/or county health department to see if teaching simple food preparation in your program requires any special licenses or permits in your area before enrolling with HHC.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We offer a $50 referral commission for new independent certified instructor enrollments when an affiliate link is used.

How do I get paid for my classes?

Your back office has a fully operational payment portal that allows registrants to pay for classes on your provided website. You keep 100% of all of your class revenue. HHC does not receive any fees for processing your payments.

How do I schedule classes?

You will receive a website that is customized with your custom contact information, logo and custom text.

How long are the classes?

Classes are typically 2 to 3 hours in total length and include nutrition games/activities, homework time, fun movement time, food preparation time and clean up.

How much money can I make?

We have a revenue calculator for your convenience. Please also see our Earnings Disclaimer.

Is the training difficult?

No. Each module builds on the next and provides you with everything you need to start and run your own successful cooking program.

Is there a payment plan to pay for the training?

Unfortunately, we do not have a payment plan at this time.

Is there an age requirement for becoming an instructor?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older to become a Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Program Manager or Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Helper.

Is this a franchise?

No. This is a license model. However, HHC classes require you to follow pre-written lesson plans and protocol for consistency of the brand and ultimate safety of the students in HHC classes.

Is this MLM or Network Marketing?

NO. We are not an MLM company or network marketing company. We are a direct service licensing model.

Is this my own business?

Healthy Hands Cooking is a service you are licensed to offer through your school or corporate entity.

Is this part-time or full-time?

You choose your own hours and create your own schedule based on your needs.

What costs do I need to be aware of?
  • Schools are charged an annual license fee based on number of students enrolled in the program. Email for a quote.

Costs to run the program internally include optional printing of student handouts/recipes, instruction fees paid to Certified Program Managers and Certified Helpers (negotiated directly between the school and the service provider), *cost of food and supplies to run the classes, and background checks, food safety, allergy training, etc. (if documentation is not provided by the school).

*Cost of food and supplies will vary depending on recipes chosen, number of recipes taught, types of recipes chosen, frequency of food preparation days within execution of program, coupons, corporate sponsor funding, and other factors.

  • Background Check per instructor or helper: $17.45 each approx. (if not provided by school)
  • Food Handling Safety Course per instructor or helper: $15 each approx. (if not provided by the school)
    *Food Allergy Course per instructor or helper: $22 each approx. (it not already provided by the school).
  • General Liability Insurance - approx. $150/year (if not already provided by the school).
What is in an instructor starter kit?

The Instructor Kit is included in the school program and includes:
1 Recipe Folder
1 Instructor Apron
1 Instructor Tote Bag
10 Flexible Cutting Boards
10 Plastic Cutting Knives
3 Sets of Measuring Cups
2 Sets of Measuring Spoons
2 Veggie Peelers
1 (2 cup) Clear Measuring Cup
1 (1 Quart) Mixing Bowl
1 (2 Quart) Mixing Bowl
1 Large Spatula
1 Large Spoon

Each student receives their own kit:
1 Drawstring backpack
1 Cutting Board
1 Plastic Chef's Knife
1 Veggie Peeler
1 Set of Measuring Cups
1 Set of Measuring Spoons
1 Apron
1 Recipe Folder

Free shipping to the U.S.

What kind of support do you offer?

All school certified program managers are members of our private FB online support group for networking with other schools and program managers. In addition, they receive personal support though email, phone, and private chat.

Where are Healthy Hands Cooking classes offered?

HHC aftershool programs are currently held in the U.S. only.

Where do I hold my classes?

Classes are held in classrooms or activity rooms. A full kitchen is NOT needed to hold classes. You simply need a sink, soap, garbage can, workspace and a few simple plug-in appliances like a toaster, blender, and pancake grill.

Certification Questions

Do I need teaching or nutrition experience to become an instructor?

No. We teach you everything you need to know and provide you with all of the resources to run your own healthy kids cooking program.

How long does it take to become certified?

This is a self-study online course that you can do from your home or work computer. Some instructors have received certification in as little as 1 day.

What does my certification include?

HHC Certified Program Manager training includes all aspects of teaching, managing, reporting, and running the HHC Kids Club Aftershool program. HHC Certified Helpers will receive training for teaching the afterschool program curriculum.

Nutrition Questions

Can I substitute ingredients in recipes?

Yes, if allergies or food sensitivities exist. For example, if you have a student with dairy allergies, you can substitute almond milk for dairy milk.

Can I use my own recipes in an HHC class?

No. You may not use your own recipes in an HHC class, but there are hundreds of recipes to choose from that have already met our nutritional standards and have been kid-tested and kid-approved. We will also review your healthy recipe submissions for consideration in future HHC classes.

What types of classes do you offer?

Our afterschool curriculum is developed for ages Pre-K to 8th grade. Students in/outside of this age range may still benefit from this program.

Want to know more about becoming an Afterschool Partner?

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