Lesson Plan Bundle #1 - Snacks and Smoothies

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On Sale! $30/lesson plan. 10 lesson plans included. Each lesson plan provides 2.5 hours of planned wellness activity including nutrition/STEAMM, culinary arts, homework time, physical movement time and clean up time.

This daily curriculum is used by schools and organizations to run kids cooking clubs, summer camps, in-classroom learning, and afterschool programs.

Each lesson plan includes 5 stations of activities. Each station is up to 30 minutes in length. Choose the stations that fit your time and needs for ultimate flexibility and fun!

Lesson Plan Bundles include a downloadable LEADER'S GUIDE for easy, structured program rollout.

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Snacks and Smoothies Description

Healthy snacking and aftershool hunger pains can be easily crushed with this fun and engaging series of lesson plans. Students will love the fresh tastes and textures, and you'll love how easily these lesson plans and recipes can be served up in class. Ready for a fresh start?

Lesson Plans Included in this Bundle

1. Why Snack?- Why kids need to snack and what makes up a healthy snack
2. Fresh and Fruity - The importance of fresh fruit and how to pick ripe fruit
3. Fruity Water - The importance of hydration
4. Go Bananas - You'll go ape for this one
5. Rainbow Density- Learning about the density of fruit juice
6. Sink or Float- Discussing what makes objects sink or float
7. Spiced Life - Learning about spices and how to paint with them
8. Mirror Mirror- exploring symmetry in fruits and vegetables
9. Magical Mint - Learning about mint and its benefits
10. Mixtures and Solutions - Learning the tasty difference between mixtures and solutions

Includes Recipe Library of 400+ commercial-use whole foods recipes!

Product Testimonials

As a USC Exercise Science alum, and now a graduate student studying Nutrition, I know the power of a healthy diet. Eating real food is critical to the future health of our nation, and Healthy Hands Cooking is making a huge impact. This company is changing the fate of so many families by teaching kids how to cook real, good, food! I love the work that Healthy Hands Cooking is doing, and I’m so excited to be a part of it, too!

Jade Eleazer, Exercise Science Alum, Nutrition Student

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