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Mashed Potatoes From a Box?


I remember teaching my very first fee-based class back in 2012. To my surprise, an eight year old boy who was excited about learning to cook, had absolutely NO IDEA where mashed potatoes came from. He thought they could only come from a box! I knew then we would need an army of passionate instructors to share in our mission.


young boy wearing apron listening to a cooking instructor

Real Food Is Our Passion


In a perfect world, we strive to uphold standards that we hope will pass on to our children and the families which they are apart.

As we navigate this winding highway on the road to good health, it is integral that we are aware of not only providing ingredients with which to create tasty and healthy meals and snacks, but quality foods, from clean, pure and wholesome sources.

Below are the preferred guidelines from which we look upon, whenever possible, to ensure that we are doing our part to support the health of our children, our economy and our planet.

instructor drizzling grilled peaches with balsalmic
healthy hands cooking chef herbie

Patent Pending Process


Once you join our HHC Family, you'll start with our patent-pending process, the Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor Certification program. This online and onsite training program teaches the principles of business management, food handling safety, class flow, marketing and more.

Katherine Z.

It’s honestly life changing. This month I made double what I used to make working a full time job. Not only that, I had the opportunity to educate children of all ages on the importance of eating healthy – and get them EXCITED about it! Every one of us can make a difference

Kati S.

I was drawn to becoming a Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor because every single lesson contained both hands-on cooking AND has a nutrition and/or health lesson built into the curriculum. It was everything I would have wanted to create myself and even more. I know that no matter what I am teaching, I can feel confident that my students are going to learn how to cook a delicious healthy meal/snack and take away knowledge that can help them live healthier lives.

Tracy M.

We are on target to achieve over $100,000 in gross revenue this year. I have only been doing this for 1 ½ years. Anyone can do this…Just ignore your fears, visualize your success, and take action.

Erika S.

For the last two years I've had the incredible pleasure of using the Healthy Hands Cooking curriculum to help over 1,000 children learn how to build a healthy food mindset. The HHC hands-on recipes, informative handouts and activities have, without a doubt, helped my young chefs make healthier and more informed choices regarding what they fuel their bodies with, as well as feeling more confident in the kitchen! Parents are always reaching out to me to thank me for utilizing the nutrition curriculum and for the tasty, easy, and wholesome recipes that their children can now proudly make on their own, thanks to HHC!

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Jan Pinnington, CEO Healthy Hands Cooking