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HHC Kids Club is a national one-of-a-kind wellness program that combines movement, nutrition, culinary skills, S.T.E.A.M.M learning and homework time. This 3-hour daily curriculum is licensed by schools and organizations to run kids cooking clubs, summer camps, in-classroom learning, and afterschool programs.

HHC Kids Club is self-administered by the school or organization using our provided curriculum, tools, and patent-pending software to execute. The program not only teaches healthy habits to students, but is also an easy way for schools and organizations to generate revenue while making their communities healthier.

It's time to TAKE BACK health with this fun, engaging, wellness program. With more than 30,000 students going through an HHC class, camp, or party each year, its no wonder we are the number one training and support company for kids culinary and in-school wellness programs nationwide.

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Generate Revenue & Build Life Skills

We’ve put together a calculator to give a sense of the kind of revenue that’s possible for a school or organization using Healthy Hands Cooking Kids Club to teach healthy life skills.

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Indoor Veggie Garden

With this option, schools and organizations get an indoor veggie garden to kickstart their Healthy Hands Cooking® Kids Club program. The indoor garden is a beautiful, fun way for kids to learn where their food comes from by growing their own herbs, fruits and veggies to be used in class.

The growing kit comes with everything needed to start an aeroponic experiment – a tower, lighting, liquid plant food, seeds, cage, and rollable wheel base.

Meet the Inventor who was inspired by his training at Walt Disney World.

A Complete Toolkit for your Afterschool program

We collaborated with hundreds of experienced instructors, teachers, and nutrition experts and designed a fun, engaging healthy cooking curriculum.

More than just recipes, we offer a turn-key solution to an afterschool program kids will love by combining nutrition games, movement activities and food preparation with a focus on S.T.E.M. learning.

Every program includes:

  • 3, 6, or 12 month license to all HHC training and customizable website to help promote the program to parents
  • A fully automated online system with admin access to materials, tracking, managing, and reports
  • Online Certified Training for staff and helpers
  • Full year curriculum designed by our community of registered dietitians, nutrition consultants, nutritionists
  • With full year curriculum, schools and organizations have the option of offering summer camps to generate even more revenue
  • Referrals to our trained and certified Instructors for additional staffing solutions
  • Instructor community with support and feedback
  • STELLAR, dedicated support team
  • Student & teacher/instructor program materials
  • Background checks required
  • Food safety training
  • Food allergy training
  • American Red Cross First-Aid reference guide app
  • Instructor/Teacher Kit with grab-and-go carry bag
  • Student Chef Kit including backpack, recipe folder, cutting board, apron, measuring cups, measuring spoons, safety knife & more!

“HHC is the whole package that includes health, skill sessions, current units of study and state standards with S.T.E.A.M components, recipe planning, measurement, use of what is growing in our gardens and food safety. The learning opportunities are endless and the kids are just so engaged! Every time I see kids in our hallway they ask when we're going to cook again. I look forward to continuing with this program in the future.”  - Amy Umberger, Resident Scientist, Magnet Theme Coordinator, Dutch Fork Elementary School

"Dutch Fork Elementary is an Environmental Sciences Magnet School whose mission is to develop students who care about the world they live in and express critical thinking through natural curiosity and wonder. The mission of HHC parallels our school efforts. We believe HHC will greatly enhance school programs that have a genuine interest in helping students to use the language and tools of both farmers and chefs in making healthy food choices." - Julius Scott, Principal, Dutch Fork Elementary School

Healthy Hands Cooking Kids Club Afterschool Wellness Program

Healthy Hands Cooking Kids Club, a national, one-of-a-kind afterschool wellness program, can work with your school or organization to "take back" afterschool with fresh ideas in programming.

We provide a licensed curriculum that combines movement, nutrition, indoor gardening, food preparation and fun in a daily, full-year structured program that schools or organizations access online and administer themselves.

This program not only promotes healthy habits to your students, it also provides needed revenue for your school or organization so that you can continue to effect change in your community.

HHC Kids Club also includes an online customizable registration website for each location that runs the program, master portal for the region or corporate location, payment portal, waiver collection, food allergy collection system, reporting system, online training for the HHC Program Managers, HHC Progrm Helpers, & volunteers, daily lesson plans, recipes, fun movement activities, wellness games, and everything your team needs to get started immediately.

Healthy Hands Cooking Kids Club afterschool wellness program is so flexible, it can be used to complement your existing afterschool program, used as extra curriculum inside the classroom, used a culinary kids club, or used for summer camps.

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